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Retreats in South America

Why retreat in South America?  

Wellness retreats are designed so you can take time out of your normal life, away from work and away from the typical party holiday... it is different and it is a true body healing process. Ask yourself this question "how long do you actually take to look after you?", the answer is probably not enough. A retreat takes you out of your usual mindset and allows you to really recharge the mind, body and sole in a time of relaxation and reflection.  

If you have read some of our blogs you will know that we urge people to take a digital break away from our phones, computer and especially social media. What better way to take a digital detox than in one of the most relaxing environments the body can feel?

Wellness Wonders of the world offers a range of wellness retreats throughout the world, we are partnered with Yovada to offer you the best packages, in the best locations, at the best price.... that is our promise to you. Take yourself on an experience like no other.

Retreats in Costa Rica 

View some of the most stunning retreats the UK has to offer. Venture over to the mountains in Wales or the breathtaking lodges in a forest in England or head north to Scotland and experience the incredible scenery they have to offer

Retreats in Dominican Republic

Take yourself on a journey to some of the most exotic landscapes in Spain. Visit the Balearic Islands to experience true peace in the mind or venture mainland and experience true Spanish culture, Adios

Retreats in Nicaragua

Step inside a real beautiful country with remarkable history, Fascinating beaches and food like nowhere else. The spectacular landscapes will blow your mind away. Jet set on a journey you will never forget

An experience from the Founders

There is nothing like that first retreat, it will keep you coming back for more and more. Taking the first step in our wellness journey was through a retreat, and now we can't stay away. It is literally like your first breath of fresh air, with a clear mind and a journey to start. We couldn't recommend this enough. That's why we started this, to share it with you so you can experience pure bliss on the mind, body and soul.

the body DESERVES a wellness break

Educate the mind, body & soul

experience breathtaking SCENERY

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