Our Aim is to give back

Wellness Wonders was founded to provide the world with help and support in all aspects of life, that being through our 5 Wonders of the World, Weekly Blogs and specially chosen products we sell. From this we have made a decision to give back to charity. This year, and going into 2020 we have chosen the charity MIND to support our commitments to mental health awareness. We are a company that cares, a company with a strong ethos on giving back all we can to help out and to support as many people as we can in the world.

We are proud to say that as of now we will be donating 5% of all profits we generate. We want this to be more, we are hoping it can go up to over 30% one day!! We need your support, without you we are not a community, without you we cannot spread the #wellnessmovement.

Let's do our part!

This is an important aspect to our business, without you we are not a community so our aim is to give back. We have chosen Mind as they represent the culture of Wellness Wonders, it just made perfect sense to choose them as our initial charity to kick start this campaign. The more that is spent on our brand, and the more that our brand is shown to the world then we will be able to donate much more and select a few more charities within our portfolio. The Wellness Wonders brand isn't to make money, it is to raise enough capital to help the world in any way we possibly can.

Jon Larkin - Co-Founder of Wellness Wonders