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Just who are Wellness Wonders? The new wellness brand to help you on your journey to wellness

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Who are Wellness Wonders?

Wellness Wonders are here to support you on your journey to wellness, whether you're currently in need of support or your friends and family are too, we are here to help each and every one of you. Life is all about spreading our experiences and stories, so let's take the first step today to achieve this.

We are here in support of mental health, general health and fitness, relationship advice, we are here to support you in your academic and professional life too. We completely understand the struggles people go through in life, that's life, but we are here to support you in making it easier.

The 5 Wellness Wonders of the World

At Wellness Wonders we market ourselves through our 5 Wellness Wonders of the World to give you valuable content in each area, which you can take for self-improvement or even to help others. Our site is jam-packed full of content, which we are updating on a constant basis to keep it relevant, up to date and to add nothing but value to your life. The 5 Wellness Wonders are:

1. Health & Wellbeing

2. Mental Health

3. Nutrition

4. Academics & Professionals

5. Relationships

These sections hold the foundations for our brand, our websites, blogs and social media content. Each section contains sub-sections like fitness help and walk-throughs using our macro-calculator, lots of nutrition tips and recipes for a range of lifestyles. See an example of our macro-calculator below.

Wellness Wonders Macro-Calculator

As you can see below we have a whole range of recipes, from tasty healthy pancakes (add protein to get those macros up), shakes & smoothies (perfect for breakfast), vegetarian and vegan, meat recipes and quick recipes for work. As time goes on we will be updating our recipe portfolio, we will also be sending you loads of easy recipes through our socials… Yummy!  

Wellness Wonders Recipes

We want to express that life is all about sharing our stories and experiences with others, this is what we are all about. In as many formats as possible we are offering you valuable experiences and stories though our content and blogs from ourselves and our guest bloggers.

Do you know Wellness Wonders offer Retreats?

We are proud of our retreats, who wouldn’t want to detox in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Just imagine waking up and heading down to the private chill area in a secluded private villa to practice yoga in the sun with like-minded people or enjoying high quality healthy cuisine and chilling on a hammock on a beautiful Asian island.

We want to guide you on a journey to heal the body, a journey that allows you to take time out from reality and experience true healing that takes you away from all of the everyday stress it has encountered.

Wellness Wonders Retreats

The possibilities are endless with our wellness retreats. We offer these all over the world at what we guarantee to be the best prices available. If this is you and you want to detox, or take a friend and partner to experience true relaxation then look no further and click here.

Why do Wellness Wonders sell motivational clothing?

As mentioned above Wellness Wonders are all about spreading experiences and stories, our way of expressing this is though our motivational clothing. What better way than to wear a tee that expresses motivation; just imagine walking down the street and someone reads your shirt and it says “Never give up – Believe” or “You just need Positivity in life”, these kind of things may change someone’s mood, maybe they’re having a bad day or really struggling with their mental health. We believe it is better to do your part and help at least one person, rather than not helping at all.

All of our clothing including our tees and caps are manufactured from organic, vegan or some sort of eco-friendly material, we promise to deliver quality and we know you will be love them. Get involved and spread wellness.

Our range of clothing can be found here, check us out and let us know what you think. Use code: “Wellness10” for discount on your first order.

Wellness Wonders T-Shirts

We also sell positivity related products, the perfect gift for friends, family and work friends. We also offer home senses like candles, humidifiers and incense burners. If that isn’t your cup of tea then get your hands on our lovely phone cases,

We are not just a clothing brand, in fact we are not just a brand that sells products, we have created this brand to add value to your life and everyone around you, that is our ethos and we will never change.

We are also dedicated to donating 10% of all profits to mental health charities. As of launch we are donating to Mind – The mental health charity. To find out more about Mind and their impact on the world then find out here.

I hope you understand more of Wellness Wonders and have enjoyed our content since we launched. We promise we will bring even more valuable content to your life, we are so excited to have started this journey with you and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Let’s spread the word and tell the world about Wellness Wonders.

Wellness for you. Wellness for all.

Jon Larkin 
Co-Founder of Wellness Wonders

Visit us here 

Wellness Wonders Clothing

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