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How has Yoga Improved my Wellbeing

Since starting practising yoga couple of months ago I’ve noticed many benefits in my life such as the following: -

Enhanced Flexibility 

This is obvious one, but my joints have become more mobile and flexible. Before I started Yoga, I had issues with my back. I always had tight knots on my upper back, and I was constantly had back pain if I didn’t do any exercise. But Yoga has helped me with this issue and that’s one of reasons I started focus on improving my flexibility. 

Improved Balance

Since starting Yoga, I’ve felt my balance has started to improve into my daily life such as walking and my coordination. Also, since having an operation on my anterior cruciate ligament my balance has been poor, but Yoga has helped me with my rehabilitation.


Improved Posture 

This is another reason I started Yoga because I always felt my posture slouch. It has strengthened my core muscles and caused my body to have an upright position. It also has helped my spine supple and its surrounding muscles being more flexible.  

Eases Stress

After a long day in work Yoga had helped me to ease the stress. While doing Yoga my mind can relax by calming the nervous system. This has also helped me to sleep better.

Assisted with my Sleep

Since doing Yoga, my sleep has improved dramatically. Before I used to wake up in the middle of night but now, I doesn’t happen. This is down to stress levels being improved and level of focus

I can’t tell how beneficial Yoga has been for my wellness and wellbeing. I recommend it to anyone who suffers from back problems, bad posture or want to improve your flexibility so get yourself a Yoga mat and look on YouTube for Yoga tutorials.

Rhodri ap Dafydd 

Co-Founder of Wellness Wonders Ltd

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